Is your window tint job worth what you paid for?

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With all of the window films on the market today it is hard to know if you are getting quality film or just a household brand name you may recognize. This article is an attempt to help you understand what you are paying for, but also so you will be able to make an educated decision the next time you are planning on having your windows tinted.

Porsche with a quality window tint installation.


Reputation is a big deal when you want a high quality tint job. You want to make sure the brand of window film you are purchasing has a good standing reputation. But also you want to make sure that the shop you are going to has a good reputation for quality, honesty, and most importantly high standards when it comes to customer service. You can find both of these by doing a simple Google search of both the shop you are interested in and the brand name of window tint that they carry.

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Many people don’t know how much knowledge goes into a high quality window tint job. You want to make sure that the installer working on your car has the training and experience to give you what you paid for.

There are many window film companies that send out trainers to dealerships and shops to train new installers for 3 maybe 4 days tops and then let the installer learn through mistakes and trial and error. This can lead to broken door panels, improper installation techniques, warranty claims, scratches in your paint, burnt computer modules, and the list goes on and on. This is not what you want when you are paying top dollar for a window tint job on your brand new vehicle.

A good way to weed out the bad is to ask how long the installer working on your vehicle has been tinting windows and where his or her experience came from. Make sure to discuss expectations that the shop sets forth for all finished work. Also make sure the shop itself provides a free 100% Workmanship Warranty. This will ensure that you are in good hands when it comes to the quality of your tint job because a shop that can offer this already knows that their experience shows in the work they provide.

We provide a free 100% Workmanship Warranty on every tint job we complete. You can count on us to provide top notch quality and meet all industry quality standards set forth by the International Window Film Association.

Choose a window film that consistantly raises the bar for indutry window tint standards!


A lot of shops say that they provide a lifetime warranty and a lot do, but do they provide the correct documentation. When discussing warranties you want to ask to see the warranty documentation that will be furbished with your receipt. Never do business with a shop that cannot provide this. The documentation should be very descriptive of what exactly the warranty covers and how to make a claim if need be. Doing this will ensure that you are getting a quality window film from a quality shop that cares about their customers.

We along with our partner Autobahn Performance Films provide you with the industries leading warranties. Autobahn provides you with three different warranties and we add our Workmanship Warranty. Autobahn provides the following:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Transferable Warranty
  • No Fault Warranty

To learn more about the Autobahn and Huper Optik brands and the warranties they offer please visit the sites below:

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