Benefits of Cabin Window Tinting

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Top 3 Benefits of Cabin Window Tinting

1. Heat Rejection

Idaho is full of beautiful cabins and scenic views. This is why cabin owners decide to build in areas like Island Park, Palisades, Salmon, and Sun Valley.

One thing that cabin builders do when meeting with an owner, is decide which beautiful view they would like to frame in the glass. This build aspect comes with a sacrifice, comfort! The large A-frame style cabins have walls of glass. This glass is penetrated by the suns infrared and UV rays all day making it unbearably hot inside. Window tinting cabins can help with this!

Our Huper Optik window films can help reject 99.9% of all harmful UV rays and up to 98% of all the suns Infared Ray’s. These are the two leading causes of heat.Is it time you considered having your cabin windows tinted? If so call us today so we can provide you with a free cabin window tinting estimate.

2. Glare Reduction

Today all of the windows in today’s large cabins face scenic views. There can be a problem with this, the suns annoying glare. Nobody wants to be standing in their cabin looking at the beautiful mountain, forests, or lake and have wear sunglasses or block the sun out of their eyes with their hand.

We have the solution!!! Cabin window tinting can block up to 88% of the suns annoying glare. You’re also going to have improved optics when your windows are tinted with our window films. Not convinced? Let us come in and put up a free sample to try out. You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee cabin window tinting will be next on your project list!

3. Fade Protection

One huge concept in cabin builds is what? You guessed right! Wood and windows! These two can be worst enemies if your windows are not treated. By treated I mean UV resistant. There is a common myth I come across alot and that is that Low E glass owners believe that their windows are 99% UV resistant. Most are not!

So with all of the expensive logs, wood floors, furniture, artwork, family photographs, rugs, and antler chandeliers in these cabins. They all have just a matter of time before they fade or get whitewashed!Cabin window tinting can fix this! Our window films block out the 3 largest factors of fade damage. UV rays, Heat, and Visible Light. Leave your cabin worry free after we window tint your cabin!

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