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Our vision is to bring the best in todays window film and ceramic technologies to our customers and educate you on how they can benefit you and your families. Improvement, collaboration, and constant innovations leading to todays latest technological advances in our products allow us to educate you with solutions for heat, glare, UV protection, and fade damage you may not even know you could use for your home, business, or vehicles glass windows, paint, or interiors.

Our Goals

The Goals of Divine Film Solutions is simple. Happy customers and superior window film products provided with the upmost professionalism and courteous convenience. While others say they have a no hassle, no problem, worry free experience. We do something different, we show you all of this through passionate customer service. You are #1 asset in Divines company values and we guarantee the best in all aspects of doing business with us!

Best Products

The Very Best. That is right we said it! Divine Film Solutions uses only the best window films, clear bras, and ceramic coatings on the market today! Pair these products with the greatest warranties, installation, and customer service and you are going to be a very satisfied customer.

Quality Installation

Divine only uses the best tools, equipment, and techniques to ensure that the installation process we provide is the absolute best and pristine. We always leave a job site better than we found it. If you’re not satisfied we guarantee your money back!

Tinting Steps.

1The installation process starts with the dealer thoroughly cleaning your windows to remove even the smallest pieces of dirt. A piece of film is cut roughly to the size of your window, its release liner is removed, and an application solution is sprayed on the film’s adhesive to activate it. The application solution is also sprayed on the window.

2The film is then installed on the glass, and the installer squeegees all the application solution out from between the glass and film. The installer will also do some final edge trimming to ensure the film fits perfectly and precisely on the glass.

3When the installer squeegees out the application solution during installation, it is nearly impossible to get every drop of solution out. Thus there is a drying time (cure time) for the film, during which the remaining application solution between the film and glass evaporates. During this time, the film is still performing to its full solar control and safety capabilities.

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