Window Film or Blinds?

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We all can relate to having beautiful windows with great light that we can’t look out of. We close the blinds. Why? We may need more privacy, to cut the blinding light shining in our eyes at the breakfast table or in our offices, or maybe our rooms are uncomfortably hot. Closing the blinds creates a dull atmosphere, eliminates the openness of a living space and doesn’t solve the problem. Architectural window films are affordable and advanced technology solutions. These films give home owners, business owners and employees the ability to maintain their atmosphere and be comfortable.

Many of us experience failing AC systems time and time again. Film technology has developed virtually clear films that can reject up to 94% of the infrared light and 58% of the total solar energy from entering a room. That means our film will support our AC systems and save us money over time. If there is too much light/glare coming in at once there are a variety of tinted and transitional films. Lets make the view enjoyable.

All films will provide customers with fade protection which is of concern when valuables/furniture sit in front of open windows. Closing the blinds cannot protect from UV light entering your rooms unless they are blackout curtains. Again, lets open the blinds and enjoy our spaces.

Decorative films are great for many applications. Privacy, artistic flare and sophisticated look. Whether its at the office or at home you can achieve privacy with balanced openness.

Architectural window films installed by registered dealers and come with a lifetime warranty for every residential installation. Manufacturers stand by the technology provided by their products. Blinds fade over time, some even melt, and then we find ourselves making the same purchase again. Window film is a lasting solution for any project.

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